We all know that guest experience is the key to more repeat business and more revenue. It’s also true that our best employees are those who go out of their way to help others.

But do hotels do everything they can to help their staff deliver an incredible guest experience?

Do hotels spend too much time trying to up-sell rather than up-ex?

What is really behind incredible guest experience?

Ask anyone about their favourite experience at a hotel, and they will invariably tell you a tale of a member of staff giving surprising and memorable service, a moment where they were treated beyond their expectations. And when you look at the most impassioned reviews on TripAdvisor, they always talk about the level of service received or perceived.

In other words, the main drivers of guest experience are the personal interactions with hotel staff. So it makes perfect sense to give staff every tool possible to do their jobs to the best of their ability, doesn’t it?

But does that actually happen?

Does your hotel treat every guest like a VIP?

If George Clooney were staying at your hotel and came down for breakfast, would your staff ask him for his room number before allowing him in? Of course not! He would be greeted with something like:

Good morning, Mr Clooney. Would you like the same table as yesterday? Shall I bring your usual orange juice and americano?

It would be great if staff could treat every single guest like that, wouldn’t it? If you think about it, all it requires is for the hotel to know the name of every guest and have a record of their consumption, information they already have inside their PMS!

So why don’t staff use that information to provide a VIP service to every guest?

Up until now hotels have used data almost exclusively for transactional purposes, leaving the entire guest experience to the expertise of their staff. If you look at the technology stack in most hotels, it is mainly based around billing and in-room facilities.

But guests don’t spend their holiday in their rooms or at the Reception Desk.

90% of their time is spent out and about, enjoying the pool, the spa, the beach, the tennis courts, or any of the other amenities the hotel offers.

Yet the data that could elevate their guest experience is locked away and inaccessible to the staff who are actually delivering it.

And that’s where Guestband helps. We allow data to flow around a resort so that staff can use it to give brilliant customer service.

Below are some fairly typical questions we’ve all heard hundreds of times at hotels and resorts.

Hover or click on them to see how Guestband changes the way staff interact with guests.

Without Guestband

"What's your room number?"

With Guestband

"Hello again Mr. Smith. Would you like the same table as yesterday?"

Without Guestband

“Who is having the apple juice?”

With Guestband

“Kathy, your drink is the one with the purple straw.”

Without Guestband

“Hello young man, what is your name?”

With Guestband

“Are you lost William? Let me take you to your parents.”

Without Guestband

“Do you have a reservation?”

With Guestband

“Welcome Peterson family!”

We want all resorts to treat every guest like a VIP, to make every guest feel special, to help your fabulous staff create an even more unforgettable guest experience.

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