Is there a hole in your Guest Experience Technology?

When I am on vacation with my family, my focus as a guest isn’t the check-in or check-out and it isn’t in-room technology either.

That’s because 90% of my waking hours on vacation are spent outside my room.

So why is there so much focus on the check-in/out process and the in-room technology if guests spend most of their time elsewhere?

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Disney MagicBand – an alternative?

The Disney MagicBand is an amazing concept and has been wildly successful according to all reports. They have reportedly manufactured over 29 million of their bands in the last 5 years and have even created a thriving community of collectors. It has garnered a great deal of acceptance by the visitors themselves and has contributed considerably to a more efficient (and therefore also better for the visitor) operation of the park itself. It has become an integrated part of the visitor experience and can also be used at the airport to get a transfer as well as to open the guest’s hotel door.

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Technology in Hospitality: the focus has changed. Has yours?

Up until quite recently, most technology in hotels and resorts was aimed at the ‘management’ of the site.

Nowadays however, most technology is being aimed at the guest – for the benefit of the guest and to be used by the guest. And that has required a radical change in the way hoteliers choose technologies for their resort or hotel.

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Dubai 2019

It was fantastic to be a part of The Hospitality Network’s Stakeholder Conference held in Dubai in January 2019.

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Independent Hotel Show 2018

With our partners at Hotellobot we exhibited at The Independent Hotel Show at Olympia, London in October 2018. It was our goal to talk to as many people as possible to see what RFID automation solutions they were using if any.

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