Guest Experience Solutions for The Hospitality Industry

Guestband is a solution that focuses on improving the guest experience at resorts, parks and hotels whilst generating actionable data and valuable insights for the operator. We employ a range of technologies from RFID to IoT with machine learning software that is tailored to the desired outcomes and the existing infrastructure at the location.

With over 25 years of experience, we are passionate that technology should simplify the guest journey and provide a personalised experience at scale.

"83% of Millennials are willing to have brands track their habits in exchange for a more bespoke experience."

The American Express Future of Travel Survey

Hotels all want to offer that boutique experience where staff somehow know what guests want before they ask for it and how to exceed their expectations as if by magic. 

The truth is that the more they know about their guests, the better service they can offer them.  In other words, building better relationships at scale relies on data, the data hotels already have about their guests and the data they gather during their stay. However hotel systems are often disjointed, data is in silos, and IT solutions are designed for the benefit of the operator, not the guest.

Guestband helps resorts pull that data together and gives it context, turning it into valuable information. We look at the infrastructure and existing systems and define the best solution to fill the gaps and provide a seamless customer journey.

Guestband combines the transactional, functional aspects of guest technology with the experiential benefits that provoke an emotional response


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