Guestband offer custom hardware and tailored software solutions to break down silos and create a seamless customer journey for guests.

Guestband is wearable technology providing contextual information about guests. This requires customer data to be available throughout the location and we look at the entire customer journey to discover where the data should ideally live. Software is made to fit with (and within) existing systems to break down silos and help with the digital transformation process.

With expert consultancy throughout each project and a team of experts in everything from AI, Data Science and Machine Learning, to Customer Experience and User Interface Design, you will have access to the advice you need when you need it to help you make the best decisions.

We look at your PMS and other systems to find the common ground and suggest the best and most cost-effective way to share data across the different environments.

Made to Measure. Built to Fit.

Most hotels already have technology to open rooms using an RFID key card. But what if that key card could also sign guests in and out of breakfast? What if children could use theirs to obtain services within the limits set by their parents? What if staff could scan them in case of emergency to see medical conditions or allergies? Or to see information about the guests to be able to make personalised recommendations and give a better service? What if all the interactions were then available for hotel operators to monitor usage and predict demand?

Our solutions enable resorts, theme parks and cruise operators to monitor and improve their operations whilst also improving the guest experience.

Guests are identified through their room key or a smart customised wristband and staff and assets can also be included in the system. Sensors are placed around the site and by using both short-range and long-range RFID technology, guests create a tapestry of interactions that our software converts into valuable insights.

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Parents travelling with children will always want extra peace of mind that their kids are as safe as possible.

Guestband offers many advantages to both parents and resorts, from ensuring children can’t wander off the resort without an adult member of the family, to allowing staff to see allergies and medical information quickly in case of an emergency.

Special apps for staff allow them to check guest entitlements – from type of board, to simple things like whether parents have set limits for their children. Names of guests appear as if by magic on screens, so staff can add a personal touch to all interactions. 

And you can say good-bye to the pieces of paper recording room numbers of guests attending breakfast. 

You can even add staff to the system which adds a new level of business intelligence to your operation.

Once your guests and staff see the benefits of using the system, their activity will create a tapestry of interactions that will be a source of invaluable insights into the running of your resort, park or cruise ship.

Our clever software will help you identify and monitor areas or activities of interest so that you can make better business decisions.

There is no one product that will be right for every resort. Even the choice of technology will depend on the type and number of guests you have and the areas that need to be covered.

So we will come to your location and discuss things not only with you, but with your FOH & BOH staff. We will see how guests move around and where our solution could help.

We’ll come up with a tailored plan with clear costs and benefits that can be delivered in stages so you can start in one area and expand as and when necessary.

Guestbands are RFID & Bluetooth wristbands for resorts, theme parks and cruises. They can replace the room key so guests can wear their key instead of having to carry it around everywhere. But unlike many other wristbands, they are much more than just that.

They are totally customisable in form, colour, design and technologies employed.

They are a way for families to know their children are safe and for hotels to help keep children safe.

They are a way for resorts to give a personalised service to every guest, no matter the size of the location or experience of their staff.

They are a way to improve how sites are laid out and how services are provided.

They are a way for resort, theme park and cruise operators to get real data to back up and inform their business decisions.

But most importantly, they are a way to improve the guest experience: the driver behind everything we do.

Combination short-range and BLE wristbands

Rechargeable devices with additional sensors

Custom enclosures in any material

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A Quick Guide

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification.
  • It is used for lots of solutions including hotel key cards, transport systems, passports, laundry tracking & shop security
  • There are different types of RFID which can make it confusing
  • RFID systems can use different frequencies and each has its advantages and disadvantages
  • They are normally made up of two parts – a TAG and a READER
  • Most tags are very basic and simply transmit their unique identifier which is passed on by the reader
  • Some tags have batteries which give them a longer range
  • However the range (the distance at which the reader can identify a tag) depends on many factors

Guestband uses a combination of RFID types according to the requirements of each unique installation.