Up until quite recently, most technology in hotels and resorts was part of the infrastructure and aimed fairly and squarely at the ‘management’ of the site. The only technology guests interacted with was their room key, a personalised welcome message on their TV screen, and perhaps an automatic mini-bar.

Nowadays however, most technology is being aimed at the guest – for the benefit of the guest and to be used by the guest. And that has required a radical change in the way hoteliers choose technologies for their resort or hotel.

Safe, Predictable, Functional

We’ve been working within the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years and most of the technology we’ve seen could be described as safe, predictable and functional. There’s nothing wrong with that of course and it’s exactly what you want when you’re using an accounts package for example.

The problem is that if you design your guest experience to be safe, predictable and functional, then it’s likely to be something else too. Forgettable.

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“We are all in the business of creating memories.”

Creative, Innovative, Exciting

This is where all the new companies offering new services and solutions come in. Rather than the big corporate service providers who will offer their ‘toolbox’ of services designed from a management perspective, all the new players focus on the guest and offer creative, innovative and exciting solutions.

At Guestband, everything we do has the guest experience front and centre. The data, the business intelligence, is welcome added value, but it’s not what we’re primarily here for.

Choosing your technology partner

So when you’re looking to partner with a technology supplier, make sure they are passionate about the guest, happy to adapt to your specific requirements and, well, different.

Because we think it’s good to be different.

Don’t you?

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