Independent Hotel Show 2018

Thoughts from an exhibition

With our partners at Hotellobot we exhibited at The Independent Hotel Show at Olympia, London in October 2018. It was our goal to talk to as many people as possible to see what RFID automation solutions they were using if any.

We really had an interesting time talking to independent hoteliers and suppliers, picking their brains and challenging them to look at technology they hadn’t considered before.

It was gratifying to see how everybody we met was so open to discussing how they operate and also to new ideas and concepts. We came away with a lot of food for thought.

Whilst there are of course quite a few suppliers of large RFID laundry systems, they weren’t very well known amongst those we spoke to. People were fascinated by the idea of simply passing a bag or cart of laundry in front of some sensors to discover instantly how many items were there.

We also discussed other solutions to track assets and staff and provide improved services to guests themselves. The conclusion was that there is an appetite for new solutions and technology that can help different hotels stand out from the crowd by offering ‘something different’.

We at Guestband are looking forward to more discussions with all our new friends to discover how we can help them on their journey to improving their services.

Thank you to everyone who came by our stand and took the time to speak with us.

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