The Disney MagicBand is an amazing concept and has been wildly successful according to all reports. They have reportedly manufactured over 29 million of their bands in the last 5 years and have even created a thriving community of collectors. It has garnered a great deal of acceptance by the visitors themselves and has contributed considerably to a more efficient (and therefore also better for the visitor) operation of the park itself. It has become an integrated part of the visitor experience and can also be used at the airport to get a transfer as well as to open the guest’s hotel door.

It is flattering to have been asked on several occasions whether Guestband is an alternative to Disney’s MagicBand – here are some similarities and differences.


They are both solutions based around wearable technology that are designed to create an improved, personalised and seamless experience for the guest whilst offering added-value analytics for the operator.

The technology is also similar (Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID) but the implementation is very different.


Guestband is a framework of services and solutions that can be tailored and fashioned together according to the requirements of each installation. This means there is no dependency on any particular type of hardware or software.

The Guestband team has over 25 years of experience in creating interactive experiences for guests at venues all around the world, and their solutions are customised to every client and every location.

In other words, Guestband is a creative consultancy that will design and deliver a bespoke solution for every client.

Guestband is backed by a world-class software development agency whose hundreds of specialist developers give the service unparalleled flexibility and agility. If a team of 30 is needed for a few months, they can be up and running in days. Specialists in AI or IoT or any other technology? Not a problem.

If a security or payment solution is required, Guestband can incorporate a certified provider of contactless payments with the same accreditations as Apple and PayPal. In short, a payment system can be designed that works for any circumstance.

This flexibility of both hardware and software gives Guestband® its unique advantage – a customised product and service at a competitive price.

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